Taichi Berlin +++ Tai Chi Texte zum SelbstStudium (english)

Eight Method Drill. As taught by Cheng Man-ching in New York. Transmitted by Tam Gibbs.
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Master Passes. Tribute to Cheng Man-ch'ing. By Robert W. Smith, 1979.
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Questions and answers on Tao of Taichi Chuan By grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan Contributed by Dr. Arnold Lee, 2000.
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Five principles of good Tai Chi Ch'uan skills. Interview with Mr. Benjamin Lo of San Francisco.
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Master KOH AH TEE on Cheng Man-ching s teaching Interviewed by Nigel Sutton. Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association.
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Taste of true Taijiquan from Yang Chen-fu By Chen Wei-Ming, Shanghai, 1927 Extraction from "The collection of Chen Wei-ming's Taijiquan writings."
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Important Principle of Tseo-Hua (Neutralizing) Oral transmission by the late grandmaster Huang Sheng-shyan of Malaysia. Notes provided by Mr. Lin Jing-deh of Taipei who studied with Huang in the early 80's. Translated by David Chen, 1997.
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